How do I set-up an appointment for myself or my child?

To make an appointment simply call 780-237-6283. There is no need for a physician referral to access services. You may phone, email, or use our contact form to book an appointment. If this is your first appointment it is recommended you call first. If you are working with a healthcare provider or agency you may ask them to refer you so that we can work together and coordinate services.

What are the costs associated with psychological services?

Fees depend on the services provided and are always discussed before commencing support. Psychsupport Services uses the fee schedule recommended by the Alberta Psychological Association ( Extended health benefits through employment, Employee Assistant Programs, health spending accounts, health plans for specific groups will often cover some, if not all, the cost of psychological services. Government and social programs such as Child Welfare may also cover psychological services. For clients with a treaty number, services can be provided through the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch. Psychological services are unfortunately not covered by provincial health insurance. Whatever is not reimbursed by your insurance provider is claimable as a tax deduction according to the taxation rules provided by the Canadian Revenue Service. We accept e-transfer, VISA, Mastercard, cheques and cash.

Is GST included in psychological services?

You do not pay GST on psychological services because this health service is GST exempt. This means that exempt psychological services must be health services such as counselling and assessments.

What are your hours of operation?

Hours of operation include 4pm to 9pm on Wednesday and Thursday. Emergency supports are provided if necessary outside of business hours in the evening. Appointments must be arranged in advance with walk-in appointments not available at this time.

What happens if I must cancel an appointment?

We value your time and ask that others value ours as well. We understand people are busy and sometimes things happen outside our control. If you need to cancel an appointment, please provide 24 hours notice so that we can make time for others looking for support. We do bill for missed appointments that are not cancelled within 24 hours. Please note that many insurance companies will not reimburse for missed appointments.

How do I find the office?

Our office is at 314, 7 Anne Street in St. Albert. We are on the third floor and turn left after exiting the elevator. Our office space is subleased from Krista Osbourne Counselling Services. 

What languages are services provided in?

At this time our services are provided in English only. We will help support any referrals you may need for psychological services in another language if requested. You may also contact the Psychological Association of Alberta at 780-424-0294 and request information on psychologists in the area that speak the language of your choice. We also respect and honour all cultures, faiths, and beliefs free of discrimination.

Is your office accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes our office space has an accessible ramp and elevator to the third floor.

What is a psychologist? 

In Canada, the professionals who most commonly treat people with mental health problems are psychologists and psychiatrists. A psychologist holds a master’s and/or doctoral degree in psychology that involves 6 to 10 years of university study, followed by a period of supervised practice and licensure examinations.  The abbreviation R. Psych. (registered psychologist) is added to their title once they have met the provincial requirements for registration as a psychologist. A registered psychologist is trained to assess and diagnose problems in thinking, feeling and behaviour as well to help people overcome or manage these problems. Registered psychologists provide assessment, prevention, intervention, and consultation services, and can diagnose various learning, behavioral, or mental health disorders. They may employ a variety of approaches depending on the needs of each client, with the ultimate goal of promoting healthy functioning and well-being. A psychologist is uniquely trained to use psychological tests to help with assessment and diagnosis.

What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who go on to specialize in mental health and mental disorders. Psychiatrists often use medication to help their clients manage their mental disorders.  In contrast, psychologists do not prescribe medication. They use a variety of evidence-based assessment and treatment approaches as a primary means of assessing and treating mental health and psychological concerns. Sometimes a client might consult his or her family physician or psychiatrist about medication while seeing a psychologist for psychotherapy.

What can I expect at the first appointment? 

During the initial appointment, you can expect that the psychologist will talk to you to describe current situation and difficulties and ask for details about your personal history. These questions will include such things as when did the problem start, what makes it better or worse, and how the problem affects you, your work, relationships and health.  It may also include questions regarding current stressors and family functioning and may be supplemented by the use of psychological tests.

Are the things that we discuss confidential?

One of the most important ethical mainstays as a psychologist is that of confidentiality. Your psychologist will not release any information about you, your condition or your treatment without your consent except as required by law. The law creates some exceptions. Child abuse, situations where a person is a danger to themselves or others is a second, and a third is in response to a court subpoena. It is common to obtain your agreement to share information with your doctor or other health provider and when you need us to issue a report to someone else.

What do I do in an emergency situation?

We provide emergency services by appointment only. In the event of an emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your local hospital emergency room. We are able to arrange follow-up psychological services to help address issues that contributed to a crisis.

What happens if I have more questions?

Please contact us at 780-237-6283 and we will be happy to help you.